Every Man For Himself (Demo)

by Al Capone

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Hey, how are you? You're fine am I right?
Let us talk about the weather, leave your private life aside
We haven't met in ages, I had so much stuff to do
I'm glad that we could talk about it. anyway, see you soon

Hey, you again! You look really really great
But I don't have too much time right know, I'm sure you can relate
I'm sorry I can't talk right now, I really really am
I say all this to cover up that I don't give a damn

I don't care how you feel
I don't care about your struggle
I just ask out of courtesy
So don't you burst my bubble

"Every man for himself"
That's the verdict I deliver
I could not be of any help
So don't cry me a river

Oh, You are here. I'm so grateful you could come
When I called you I was worried, but you're here so thanks a ton
I've all these fucking problems but nobody seems to care
Now be my friend and let me tell you why I'm in despair

What? You won't listen? This is how you treat a friend?
After all these years we've known each other this is your intent?
to throw away our friendship and to leave me on my own?
I should have known that in the end you all would let me down

Don't you care how I feel?
Don't you care about my struggle?
So all this was just a fantasy
'cause now you burst my bubble

"Every man for himself"
I thought this wasn't your position
You were not of any help
In spite of my condition

Every man for himself (x5)

Double standards all the way
Selfish would be an understatement
My wellbeing is above all else - I'm not lying

I don't really care what you're going through
It doesn't matter
As long as you are there when I'm feeling down again

Loyalty is not my strength
Don't ask me if you need my friendship
Your attendence is expendable - unless useful

So I guess "every man for himself" is not entirely true
It should mean "Every man for me first –
For what comes after this I couldn't care less"


released June 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Al Capone Marburg, Germany

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